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april 2017

Enkel lövbiff Paleo/ Leaf steak Paleo

This is an easy dish that you dont need to work so hard to finish.

Take a swede and cut it like chips. Put them into the oven for 30 minutes at 175 degrees Celsius. Make a mixed green salad.

I lika my aioli, klick for the recipe below

aioli recipe


Heat up a frying pat, it needs to be really hot.

Put some neutral coconut oil in an fry the leaf steak quickly.

Love food that is easy, clean and also really tasty ❤

Have a good weekend





Avocado and arugula salad for lunch

Simple/clean food is often the most easy and good tasting dish you can eat. It’s not much that beat this avocado salad with organic olives and lemon olive oil with fresh lemons on the side. Eat it as a side dish or alone.

This night we got snow again! As a sclerodermawarrior you get tired. GIVE ME SUMMER, warmer weather and sun now please!!!