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juni 2017

Rocca vings 

Last night I made a really good fish dish. Rocca vings with a dijonnaise with chives, chili and lemon.

If you haven’t tried rocca your should. It’s so delicious.

I’m frying it in oil and ghee

Made a side dish with fresh potatoes and broccoli

Together with some asparagus with lemonsalt and olive oil

I mad my dijonnaise with eggs, oil, chives, chili, lemon, champagne vinegar and salt

I have a friend working at Werners gourmetservice, who sends me products that she wants me to test, must say that I liked this champagne vinegar, maybe it is because I can’t drink champagne anymore, it gives me a reflux from hell.

If you want to find them you can click on the link

I celebrated a closer on a project I have been working with. So happy to graduate next week.

Went to visit a friend who has taken over a candle factory in Undersåker. Åre ljus -fabrik. Where they make the most beautiful candles. She showed me how they produce every candle and it was really impressing.

Have a good weekend!!


Went to Norway to have a lecture about Diffus kutan systemic sklerocis and Paleo food

Last week I was invited to Trondheim to have a lecture about Systemic sclerosis and how I have tackled the disease with Paleo food, AIP and a holistic way to see things.

An other speaker was Eva L who spoked about her journey with the disease. Very interesting! She has been eating Paleo AIP and sha has made the same process/ operation as Gunhild Stordalen. I feel very proud that she found my blog when she got sick and it helped her.

Förra veckan var jag överbjuden till Trondheim, Norge att hålla en föreläsning om Paleokost och Sklerodermi. Jag pratade även om hur jag försöker se saker holistiskt för att klara av sjukdomen.

En annan föreläsare var Eva L som pratade om sin resa med samma sjukdom, annan variant, och hur hon har gjort en stamcells operation, samma som Gunhild Stordalen. Det var väldig intressant. Eva har dessutom kämpat på med AIP och Paleo. blev glad och stolt att höra att när hon blev sjuk så var min blogg en av de sidor hon hittade och som hjälpte henne in på banan med Paleo och Aip.

I also talked about before and after

Jag pratade bland annat om före och efter

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