Last night I made a really good fish dish. Rocca vings with a dijonnaise with chives, chili and lemon.

If you haven’t tried rocca your should. It’s so delicious.

I’m frying it in oil and ghee

Made a side dish with fresh potatoes and broccoli

Together with some asparagus with lemonsalt and olive oil

I mad my dijonnaise with eggs, oil, chives, chili, lemon, champagne vinegar and salt

I have a friend working at Werners gourmetservice, who sends me products that she wants me to test, must say that I liked this champagne vinegar, maybe it is because I can’t drink champagne anymore, it gives me a reflux from hell.

If you want to find them you can click on the link

I celebrated a closer on a project I have been working with. So happy to graduate next week.

Went to visit a friend who has taken over a candle factory in Undersåker. Åre ljus -fabrik. Where they make the most beautiful candles. She showed me how they produce every candle and it was really impressing.

Have a good weekend!!